Pure White Snow - DVD

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In a cabin deep in the woods of Tahoe, four women and one rigger find themselves without a working commode. Undeterred by this they decide to find new ways to relieve their swollen bladders. Whether it be outside in the pure white snow or quickly before a dip in the Jacuzzi, they are never in need of a toilet. And you just never know what else they might dig up!

Alicia Tease has heard a thing or two about Pissing. She is intrigued by what some of the other girls around here have been talking about. She finishes her shoot early and tells us she wants to taste piss for the first time. Alicia says she loves the cum in her mouth and wants to be covered in hot pee and creamy cum. Ask and you shall receive. By the end of the day she is covered in piss and cum and loving every drop of it.

Selina wants to feel wet and dirty. She is soaked in her clothes from head to toe with warm wet piss. Selina loves the feeling of pee all over her skin. She masturbates and pushes the piss inside her sweet cunt.


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€ 19,95
€ 14,95
Price per DVD
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